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Cee’s Which Way…to the Oasis in the Desert?

Cee's Which-Way-Banner1Cee’s Which Way Challenge

Coachella Valley Preserve. 1000 Palms Oasis. 10 miles east of Palm Springs, California

Water seeps out of the San Andreas fault to fill this desert oasis, keeping these magnificent palms green.

Where is the oasis? Which path? Which way?

NJ Sculpture, CA desert 589

NJ Sculpture, CA desert 619

NJ Sculpture, CA desert 618

NJ Sculpture, CA desert 648

WordPress Photo Challenge: Horizon…Desert Overlook

Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge: Horizon

The horizon taken from the Living Desert,

The horizon taken from the savannah at the Living Desert, Palm Desert, CA

Desert Horizon

Desert Horizon: Looking back over Palm Desert from Route 74

View from the viewing platform of the Palm Springs Aerial Tram, CA

From the viewing platform of the Palm Springs Aerial Tram, CA

Brown: The Surprising Color

Two recent photo challenges have featured the color brown: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge and Ailsa’s Travel Challenge found at Where’s My Backpack.

We often associate the color brown with dullness and darkness, but look at brown in nature and see the surprising richness of the color.

All photos taken at Thousand Palm Oasis, Coachella Valley Preserve, California, 10 miles east of Palm Springs, CA. McCallum Trail, one trail in this 17,000 desert state park, leads through palm groves, swampy areas (with wooden footpaths), desert, to an exquisite oasis laden with greenery. Brown is a feature color, seconded by green. The palm trees remain in their natural state, their long fronds drying but hanging in place until they fall on their own.

McCallum Trail

McCallum Trail

NJ Sculpture, CA desert 656

NJ Sculpture, CA desert 608

NJ Sculpture, CA desert 628

NJ Sculpture, CA desert 629

NJ Sculpture, CA desert 627

NJ Sculpture, CA desert 642

NJ Sculpture, CA desert 633

The desert surprise: at the end of the hike, a beautiful, green oasis.

Click here for The Color Brown, Take 2, Four Surprises


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