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New-ish Award: Wonderful Team Member Readership Award


The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award (WTRMA) landed on my blogstop about ten days ago, given to me by Lynne Revette Butler, making the most of every day. Lynne started her blog in March 2013. She lives in South Oxfordshire, England and posts gorgeous pictures of flowers and gardens. She writes about gardens, the environment, and lifestyles. Thanks for thinking of me for this award, Lynne

I like to get a little history on blogger awards as they come around, so I tracked the WTMRA back to find the source. The WTMRA appears to have started at managuagunntoday; however the link from that blog award is broken. A reference to the official launch date of 5/7 (no year) can be found. (The above link is active, but it doesn’t take you to the original award page.)

On 9/1/2012, the WTMRA landed at Old Rooster Diner, where Jackie mentions that she is one of the first recipients of the award. Jackie’s blog is “Change for a Better Me: a mix of recipes and stories to help make a healthy change easier.” (She switched to a gluten free diet because of health issues).

Even though the WTRMA is the newish kid on the block, Google pulls up sixteen pages of references to it, thus reflecting the power of geometric progressions with blog awards.

The requirements for this Wonderful Team Membership Readership Award are simple:

1. Display the WTMRA logo on your webpage or sidebar.

2. Nominate up to 14 readers you appreciate over a period of 7 days (1 week) – this can be ALL on one day or two a day or seven days. (In my research, I noted that some nominees have, in turn, given between 2 and 14 nominees. The number required is not written in concrete!)

3. Make these rules, or amended rules which keep to the spirit of the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award, known to each reader nominated.

4. Complete this sentence and post:  “A Great reader is…”

A great reader (of blog posts) is someone who reads  posts on a regular basis, commenting occasionally, and clicking on “like” when a post touches the heart or the head, appeals to one’s interests, or just makes good sense. A good reader sometimes asks a question for clarification or posts a link to a related article. Feedback gives writers encouragement to keep writing on the dimmest of days when we ask, “Why am I doing this?” Readers keep us going, and I, personally, appreciate every single one of them. When they light up my WordPress stats map, I feel good.  jkh

A while ago, I wrote this post about my most loyal readers. Now I nominate these same loyal readers for this WTMRA.

Tami Clayton, Taking Tea in the Kasbah
Elaine Smothers, Wonder in the Wild
emaginette, Shout With Emaginette
Glenda Mills, Meet Me On The Mountain
Barbara Forte Abate, Scribbling Outside The Lines
Judythe Morgan, Voice and Views from The Front Porch
Mike Schulenberg, Realms of Perilous Wonder
Sheila Pierson, Wonderstruck
Ellen V. Gregory, to beyond and back
Jodi Lea Stewart   Walking on Sunshine
Liv Rancourt, Laughter, life and romance under partly sunny skies
Elizabeth Fais, Where the awesome begins
Sara Walpert Foster, Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition
Siri Paulson, everyday enchantments
Linda Adams, Soldier, Storyteller
Sherry Isaac, Psychological Sizzle
Sherri Martin-Hutchins, live wonderstruck
Laird Sapir, Shabby Chic Sarcasm

The Last Meowawesomecataward

Hey. When is someone going to start a “The Cat’s Meow Award” for blogs that detail our most wonderful qualities? Now that would be an award to value!

Meow for now. =<*;*>=

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