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Fluffy Cat vs Hard-shelled Turtle. Who will win?

The learning curve for how to blog on WordPress can look like an undulating wave rather than a nice smooth upward line.

For me, it’s been more like an almost straight-up vertical incline. But I have secret help: WANA friends (We Are Not Alone). Thanks to Kristen Lamb (http://warriorwriters.com), we can seek out our WANA friends for help with the technical details of blogging. So when I saw this cat and turtle encounter, I thought I might try my hand at embedding a video in my blog. Wana friend Laird recently published a post on how to do just this. (http://www.lairdsapir.com/2012/02/gettin-friendly-with-wordpress/) Good timing for me!

So here’s the video. Cross your fingers that I followed the directions carefully enough.

Thanks again, Laird. I think I see the top of this vertical incline now.  I have printed off your directions for the next time. Now I need to learn more about shortlinks!


Where are you on the learning WordPress learning curve?

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