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H is for Hallelujah Chorus

Easter Greetings!

Our Margate Community Church sang the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah this morning as part of our Easter Services. Even though it is a difficult piece to perform, we never get tired of singing it.

The following version of The Hallelujah Chorus is performed by Andre Rieu with the Johann Strauss Orchestra, the Harlem Gospel Choir, and Rieu’s sopranos and tenors, at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City, 2004. Enjoy.


G is for Greetings on Easter

May you and your families and friends have a very blessed Easter.

F is for Friday. Good Friday.

Friday. Good Friday.

As I child, I always wondered, what is good about this particular Friday, the Friday before Easter?

It was a bleak day, one of unspeakable horror. Jesus, an innocent man, a beloved teacher, son, brother, friend, was killed at the hands of Jewish and Roman leaders and a riotous mob.
An earthquake and a powerful thunder and lightning storm added to the drama, making the gawking, milling crowd wonder, “Who is this man who has been crucified?”

Don Buck P. Creacy voices a dramatic retelling of this Easter story in this next video.


What is the light and hope that comes out of this terrible Friday?

Sunday. Easter Sunday. On this day, a resurrected Jesus defeated satan and death. He brought a life of forgiveness and grace into being. He gave us hope for eternity. And while we live here on earth, this knowledge guides our daily actions, behaviors, habits, attitudes, values, hopes, and lifestyle.

He is risen. Happy Easter!

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