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What Every Kid Needs for Christmas!

It used to be, when we were kids, that on cold wintry days we would run outside and play: climb trees, play chase tag, kick the can, build snowmen, have snowball fights, run around in circles, make all kind of noise. We just had a lot of fun with our friends.

It’s different nowadays. Kids sit around with their smart phones and text each other, even when they are sitting next to each other. Well, now they can go outside and text messages with these $3 special Knitted Texting Gloves.

Thumb and index fingers work on touch screens so kids’ little hands will be nice and cozy, and they won’t miss a beat when it is cold.  What kid can afford to be without these?  $3. Such a deal for more peace and quiet around the house.

For texting addicts...

For texting addicts…

 The Last Meow…

Looks good to me!

Meow for now... ==

Meow for now… =<^;^>=

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