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Sunday. Advent Week 4.

At Margate Community Church in Margate, NJ, for the four weeks preceding Christmas, we unfold the drama of the birth of Christ as it happened over two thousand years ago.
This is the fourth week in Advent, and this morning we lit the fourth candle on the Advent Wreath representing LOVE. This candle is sometimes called the Angel’s Candle because the angels announce the birth of Jesus. The fifth candle in the middle of the wreath represents the birth of Jesus, and that will be lit at the Christmas Eve candlelight service.

Advent Week 4 - LOVE

Advent Week 4 – LOVE

Appearing on the Advent calendar this week: more animals in the manger scene, a peace dove, and Joseph standing by the manger. All is ready.


But the baby has not yet been born. The manger is still empty.


The major event is yet to come.

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