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A to Z Challenge Reflection and Celebration-My 100th Post


Today is Double Whammy Day! I got my A to Z April 2013 Survivor badge, then wrote this reflection post to make my 100th post. Double celebration!


I participated in the 2012 A to Z Challenge and loved it. I was a new blogger then and needed the push challenge that the A to Z gave me. I didn’t think I had twenty-six ideas to write about, and I didn’t think I could keep up the pace. But I did, and I did.

I continued blogging for six months after the 2012 A to Z ended, then took a break because of family health issues. When the 2013 A to Z Challenge turned up this year, I jumped in the deep end. I love the challenge to write on a regular basis, and the discipline keeps me going. I like this year’s theme focus and decided to write about a not-so-popular topic, grammar. I have always loved grammar and feel bad when people disparage it. I want to make grammar fun and powerful for writers. (This will take a while!)

Like many of us, I have met new friends through interesting blogs. I wish I had so much more time to read what everyone has to say. I love the travel and photography blogs, the cooking blogs, the nonfiction blogs, and the whimsical blogs. I read as many writing blogs as I can, and read through everything that appears in my WordPress reader based on my categories of interest. I love making new discoveries and meeting new people. And I love reading the wide variety of writing styles. Such talented people! I am impressed.

I commented on many posts, but “liked” a lot more. Commenting is good, but I also like to read widely, so I had to work out a compromise on how many comments I could write. Besides answering comments on my own posts took time, too.

New ideas for posts come floating at me as I read other posts. Now I have way more than twenty-six ideas to write about!

For my X post, I wrote “X is for X-It (exit) Strategy,” a reflection post on A to Z itself. I wrote out ideas for how to keep my blog going and how to clean-up my blog a bit.

Special thanks to the organizers of A to Z, Arlee Bird and assistants. I think you have helped a lot of bloggers move from being baby bloggers at the starting point to becoming more mature bloggers. We Are Not Alone (Kristen Lamb). We learn from each other.

Thanks to my new blogger friends. I hope we can keep in touch.

And now, care to join a new challenge?  My new friend at The Sock Zone posted about this one, The Blog Every Day in May Challenge, and I jumped right in.


Now for your bedtime reading, here’s a list of my 2013 A to Z Posts.

Bye for now. =<^;^>=  See you in the 2014 Challenge…and hopefully before!

#WANAfriday (8/28/13): Fall Bucket List

Catchin’ up on #WANAfridays!

Here’s the #WANAfriday prompt for August 28 from Siri Paulson:

Fall bucket list — what experiences do you want to have / what do you want to spend time doing this fall?

While I hate to say Good-Bye to the Dog Days of Summer (read about the meaning of Dog Days here on WANAfriend Elizabeth Fais’  blog), I realize that fall is just around the corner. Our nights are getting a bit nippier and average daytime temperatures are dropping, too.

Here’s my bucket list:

1. First and foremost…check to see if WAWA, our local gas/convenience store, has started to offer its annual special fall coffee: Pumpkin Spice.  (Yes!  My dear husband brought me my first cup!)

2.  Publish my 200th Post Celebration for my blog.  Here are number one and two on the bucket list combined:


3. Buy mums and pumpkins at a farmer’s market for the entryway of my house. Buy a basket of apples for making apple pies.

4. Make one last visit to the Ocean City Boardwalk.  This trip has its own bucket list. It’s gonna be a long day to get all these activities in!

  •  Buy a new Jersey Girl zippered, hooded sweatshirt. You can never have too many Jersey Girl sweatshirts!
  • Get a bucket of boardwalk French fries.
  • Get a price list for buying and shipping Johnson’s caramel popcorn (and buying a bucket to check the flavors.)
  • Watch the taffy-making machine at Shriver’s Salt Water Taffy and fill a bag with my favorite flavors: molasses, chocolate mint, chocolate, licorice, green apple, and a few more.
  • Buy Manco & Manco pizza for dinner.
  • Walk the length of the boardwalk and back (five miles) to work off the French fries.

camera dump 329

Read more about the Ocean City boardwalk here: O is for Ocean City, NJ: Pizza, Saltwater Taffy, Frozen Custard, Caramel Corn,

5. Keep my blog going. Add two or three posts a week.

6. Visit my sister in California and explore the San Diego area. Maybe I’ll get to meet Zoey the Cat who lives out there! Here’s a sneak preview of the San Diego Waterfront: Tall Ship Parade, 2013, Festival of Sail in San Diego by Russel Ray. And here’s Zoey the Cool Cat now! What a cutie!

Zoey the Cool Cat Ray Russel photo

Zoey the Cool Cat. Russel Ray photo

Here are a few other WANA112s who have written about their fall bucket list.

Ellen Gregory (who, being Australian, is talking about spring)
Kim Griffin…Fasionista Wannabe
Liv Rancourt…What’s On Your List?
Siri Paulson…Fall Bucket LIst
Dianna Bell…Springtime

The Last Meow

A cat’s bucket list? Well, same as always: Eat, play, sleep. But maybe we can add playing in the leaves to that list.

cats playing in leaves

Meow for now.  =<^ ! ^>=

What’s on your bucket list for the fall? Put your link in the comment section of this post.

Zero the Hero Helps Me Celebrate My 200th Post

Today, Zero the Hero makes a special guest appearance on my blog to celebrate my 200th post.

(We celebrated my 100th Post on May 17, 2013.)

Who is Zero the Hero? Well, I’m happy you asked.

Now, on stage, Zero himself: Zero the Hero. Cute little guy, isn’t he!

When I worked at the Lower Primary School at Hong Kong International School, we had an incredible team of talented kindergarten teachers who brought Zero the Hero to life every tenth school day.

Zero the Hero by Joan Holub, illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld

Zero the Hero by Joan Holub, illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld

Early in the morning on one of these zero days, a poem would appear somewhere in each kindergarten classroom. This poem told the children to look for certain counting items in the classroom; to do something (sing, dance, play a game, hunt for counting items); to make something (an art or cooking activity); or to do something related to counting and numbers (listen to a story, draw a picture, build a tower, sort and categorize objects).

Sometimes Zero would leave a special snack for the children, and these snacks most often looked like zeros: Cheerios, life savers, donuts, bagels, or other zero-like things.  Zero himself did not show his face…that is, not until Day 100…and then there was a BIG PARTY to celebrate Zero the Hero’s arrival.

Zero the Hero visits kindergarten

Zero the Hero visits kindergarten

There’s even a song for the kindergarteners to learn.  (Click on the red link.)
You can learn more about Zero the Hero here.


So this is it: my 200th post. 2-0-0. Two-zero-zero. Thanks Zero for joining me in this celebration.

Here are some WordPress blog statistics for my journey to this point.

Most read posts:

Home page / Archives More stats 7,907
Two Oceans Meet in Gulf of Alaska? Not! More stats 941
Italy: It’s 4 PM. Have You Had Your Gelato Yet? More stats 429
Q is for Quirky Dreams, Susie Q, and Prepositional Phrases More stats 379
Saturday Silliness: Where do cats sleep? More stats 304
O is for Ocean City, NJ: Pizza, Saltwater Taffy, Frozen Custard, Caramel Corn More stats 269
Italy: A Visit to Tuscany

Total number of views of all posts to date:      17856  (9-4-2013)
(Looks like Zero the Hero will have to return sometime soon to help celebrate my triple zero viewers milestone:18,000!)

Number of countries with viewers: 92  (darker colors = more readers)

WordPress Statisitics: Countries/Viewers Summary, Sept 4, 2013

WordPress statistics: Countries/Viewers Summary, Sept 4, 2013

Countries with more than 200 views:

Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 10,558
Canada FlagCanada 1,108
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 1,088
Australia FlagAustralia 576
India FlagIndia 320
Italy FlagItaly 288
Philippines FlagPhilippines 258
Germany FlagGermany 249
France FlagFrance 223

Missing Countries:

My last check on countries with no viewers occurred on May 28, 2013…read that post here: Dear Readers, Who Are You?

In that post I wrote

Equally interesting are the white spaces on the map: Greenland;  Paraguay, Suriname, and French Guiana, three countries in South America; many Middle Eastern Countries; many countries in Africa; and Papua New Guinea in the Far East. It makes me wonder: Is Internet available in these areas? Is Internet available but restricted?

Since then, a few countries with viewers joined the list. A special hello to the new viewers in South America (Suriname); Africa (Mozambique, Nigeria, Cameroon, and Tunisia); and the Isle of Mann.

Alas, still missing: Greenland; Nicaragua in Central America; Cuba in the Caribbean; Paraguay and French Guiana in South America; many countries in Africa; Middle Eastern counties of Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Afghanistan; and Papua New Guinea in the Far East. Maybe by Post #300 some of these counties will visit this blog. After all, even in non-English speaking countries many people study English. Of course, Internet is not available everywhere.

The Last Meow

Numbers, schnumbers. Don’t forget, we kitty cats helped with each one of these posts, and we have more to go. But in the meantime, it’s nap time.  See you for Post #201.

Photo credit: writerjenn.blogspot.com

Photo credit: writerjenn.blogspot.com

Meow for now.  =<^ ! ^>=

May 5, Blog Every Day in May: Blogger Buddies

Blog Every Day in May, May 5 prompt: “Publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends.”


I recently hit several milestones in my blogging career: 10,000 views  on April 22, 2013, and shortly thereafter, 100 posts on May 2, the day I completed the 2013 A to Z Challenge reflection post.

On that day, I thanked my faithful early followers. I love them all. It would be too hard to pick out just one from this group. Each one has such a creative flair, a commitment to excellence, an encouraging nature, and a wicked sense of humor.Kristen Lamb

But I do have to admit, there is one blogger who brought all of this together: Kristen Lamb, author of We Are Not Alone (WANA), The Writer’s Guide to Social Media.  Kristen brought our WANA 112 group together in January of 2012, and many of us still connect on our closed group Facebook page. Kristen was instrumental in helping us develop those wild and wonderful descriptive taglines for our blogs (see below). Notice that all of these blogs use our own names as blog titles. This was Kristen’s suggestion for building our writing platforms.

Tah Dah. Here they are…my blogger buddies.

Tami Clayton, Taking Tea in the Kasbah
Elaine Smothers, Wonder in the Wild
emaginette, Shout With Emaginette
Glenda Mills, Meet Me On The Mountain
Barbara Forte Abate, Scribbling Outside The Lines
Judythe Morgan, Voice and Views from The Front Porch
Mike Schulenberg, Realms of Perilous Wonder
Sheila Pierson, Wonderstruck
Ellen V. Gregory, to beyond and back
Jodi Lea Stewart   Walking on Sunshine
Liv Rancourt, Laughter, life and romance under partly sunny skieswana logo
Elizabeth Fais, Where the awesome begins
Sara Walpert Foster, Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition
Siri Paulson, everyday enchantments
Linda Adams, Soldier, Storyteller
Sherry Isaac, Psychological Sizzle
Sherri Martin-Hutchins, live wonderstruck
And none of us could get anywhere without advice from Laird Sapir, of Shabby Chic Sarcasm

Blogging buddies are the best!

Click on WANA (now International) to find out more about what’s going on with WANA.

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