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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Alone in Atlantic City, NJ

I reported for petit jury duty in Atlantic City this week, but I did not have to serve. On both Monday and Tuesday, enough potential jurors were called, questioned, and approved that the court clerk never got around to calling my name. The numbers in the room were getting slimmer though, as a number of potential jurors were dismissed for legitimate reasons.

My official juror badge sans the plastic holder we had to return to the court  clerk.

My official juror badge sans the plastic holder we had to return to the court clerk.


After my second morning of waiting and then being dismissed, I decided to walk down to the boardwalk to see what was happening. As it turns out, not much. The weather was cold and rainy, not condusive to boardwalk strolling. However, I did snag pictures that represented Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Alone.



And here’s the lonely feral kitty I saw just before I headed back to my warm car. This cat is a member of the Boardwalk Cats Project sponsored by Alley Cat Allies and volunteers who regularly feed, vaccinate, and monitor the cats that live under the boardwalk. Alley Cat Allies sponsors a humane Trap-Neuter-Return program for the cats.


Leaving Atlantic City…lonely…

A cold, lonely December day in Atlantic City, NJ

A cold, wet, lonely December day in Atlantic City, NJ

Meow for now... ==

Meow for now… =<^;^>=

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5 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Alone in Atlantic City, NJ

  1. Ally Cat Allies is a tremendous organization, and all their volunteers are saints as far as I’m concerned. đŸ™‚

    • Yes, they really do a good job in Atlantic City. I saw some small cathouses and cat dining boxes just under the boardwalk. They obviously tend to these strays on a daily basis. I feel sorry for these poor kitties on rainy days, but I guess they prefer their freedom.

  2. Marvelous photos for alone. Where you glad you didn’t have sit on a jury or where you secretly disappointed?

    • Hi Cee, Actually, I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t selected. The accident- injury case would have taken two more days. On the other hand, my older brother needs a lot of help right now, so I was relieved to be set free from jury requirements. Nice to see you!

      • It’s not so much that those cats like their freedom, they’ve just never known anything else. Sadly, they got there because people abandoned them (with out getting them fixed), and the population grew. Ally Cat Allies does a great job with spay/neuter to stabilize the colonies. They give them the best life possible, which is huge!

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