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WP Photo Challenge: The Unexpected Lady

NaBloPoMo – December. Post every day in December.

I parked in a different place than usual when I visited my brother one cold and gloomy November day. He wasn’t home, so I sat in my warm car waiting. As I sat, I scanned the neighborhood looking for potential blog photos and found this unexpected sight in the neighbor’s backyard behind my brother’s condominium.


I went closer to the fence to get a better view.


Daily Post: WordPress Photo Challenge: Unexpected

The Last Meow (from the cats, of course!)

Here’s an unexpected photo. Look who happens to be in the background of this photo of me. You’d think the photographer would have focused better on me since I was the true center of attention. Humans! What can you expect?

Photo credit:  etsydotcom

Photo credit: etsydotcom

Meow for Now.  =<^;^>=

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12 thoughts on “WP Photo Challenge: The Unexpected Lady

  1. I love your snowflakes on your blog!

  2. The small one. The big Apples little sister perhaps? 😀

    • The Big Apple’s little sister moved to New Jersey! I wonder what the story is behind this statue being there in the back yard. Funny, when I saw the picture in the LCD camera frame, it looked like she was holding a glass of wine, so I chuckled. Then when I blew it up, I realized it was just a torch. Oh well, so much for the fun.

  3. Love it! Too funny on the second one!

  4. Very nice photo…. Of course, I’m referring to the kat!!


  5. Like a buried treasure, waiting to be found. Sometimes exploring doesn’t need a lot of work. 🙂

    • Hi Linda. No. I just looked in a different direction and saw something I hadn’t noticed before. (It sort of hides among the rooftops.) I immediately thought of the photo challenge “unexpected.” That statue certainly fit the bill.

  6. That’s pretty cool how your brother has a view of a mini Statue of Liberty from his backyard.

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