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NaBloPoMo 18. You Are More Beautiful Than You Think


I had to share this incredible video that brought tears to my eyes. It comments on how we sometimes (maybe more often than not) reflect on our own shortcomings and not the beautiful things other people see in us.  Watch it and see if it touches you, too.

Forensic artist, Gil Zamora, trained in drawing people from descriptions given from witnesses, sketches women as they describe themselves and then described by another person in this ad developed by Dove: Real Beauty Sketches

At this site you can find several more videos of the women involved. You can see all of the before and after sketches there, too.

It seems that we choose more negative descriptors when we describe ourselves, but when others describe us, they use more positive words.

While there are critics of this ad (not enough air time for non-Caucasians, emphasis on self-esteem, stereotypes in body image), I still think many of us can get the simple message that we are sometimes too hard on ourselves. We don’t have to be perfect. Others don’t see us as imperfect.

Have a super good day.

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6 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 18. You Are More Beautiful Than You Think

  1. Check out the one about men. Men seem far less negative about their self image – even if they should be:)

  2. sue marquis bishop on said:

    lovely and touching

  3. Hi Sue…You are beautiful.

  4. Hi Jan …. You are beautiful too!

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