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NaBloPoMo 17.3 What Color is Hunger?

Several years ago, while retired from full-time education, I worked a day or two a week in a residential program for adolescents with drug and alcohol related problems. In our course of study, we discussed the social issues of hunger and homelessness, and students wrote poems about these topics. Here are a few of them.

 Hunger by Anon
The color of hunger is
the red eyes of a mother who cries
because she can’t feed her baby.

The Color of Hunger
The color of hunger is dark and cloudy.
With a starving fear,
About a man who hasn’t eaten in years.
The color of hunger is bold and unpleasant,
As cold as a stray and as poor as a peasant.

Hunger by Ryan R
Hunger sounds like empty cabinets
a blank table
people with dazed looks
anger and despair on their faces

Hunger is the feeling of no accomplishment
And the anger of letting your family down
The color of hunger is black
It’s angry, not providing for your loved ones

Sunday Service to the Community: PB&J Sunday.

What can we do about this problem of hunger?

Today at Margate Community Church, more than twenty volunteers adults and children gathered to prepare 350 PB&J sandwiches for the Atlantic City Rescue Mission, just as they do once a month. This project took less than an hour, but these sandwiches will provide a simple lunch for hungry, and perhaps homeless, people.

Forty loaves of bread

003Twelve jars of peanut butter

005Twelve jars of grape jelly


Volunteers: kids, teens, adults





Done! (Well almost. More trays to fill up.)


Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches won’t solve the problem of hunger, but they will make a hungry person less hungry for a while. Maybe your church or social group could adopt a similar project.

Here are more poems about hunger by teenagers.

What is hunger?  by Anon
H         haunted
U         underfed
N         necessity
G         growling stomach
R          resentful
Y         yearning.

Hungry By Anon
H         horrified
U         underprivileged
N         nobody
G         grief-stricken
R          remembering
Y          yesterday

Hungry by Anon
H         Hope in someone to help you
U         Understanding people who know what struggle is
N         Need to eat to survive
G         Grateful for people who volunteer and serve us
R         Reaching to do good and support myself
Y         You are a  great person for helping.

Homeless by Dan
H         homeless
U         useless
N         neglected
G         gloomy
R          repulsive
Y         yesterday was so much better

More stories of volunteers making sandwiches for the hungry.

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7 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 17.3 What Color is Hunger?

  1. Hunger creates a gnawing that reaches past your stomach to your very soul. You never forget that feeling.

  2. This is so true and touching. If we all could fight hunger problem, it would be so great.

  3. We have a caring community at Margate Community Church. These comments on hunger and homelessness break my heart. A good reminder to be thankful every minute of every day.

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