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NaBloPoMo 7. Look Up, Look Down: Pandas!

Today’s post combines two blog challenges: Travel with Intent and NaBloPoMo. Every week Travel with Intent offers a new “Look Up, Look Down” photography challenge.

Look up. What do you see in the tree?

NJ Sculpture, CA desert 215That is Yun Zi, “Son of Cloud,” in the tree. He was born August 5, 2009, the fifth panda cub born at the San Diego Zoo.NJ Sculpture, CA desert 220

Yun Zi’s nickname is “Busy Boy,” and you can probably guess why. Yun Zi is reportedly the most independent of all the cubs that MaMa Panda, Bai Yun, and PaPa Panda, GaoGao, have raised. Bai Yun stayed up in the tree the whole time we visited the panda enclosure. Now at age four, he has been called a “teenaged mess maker” by one of his keepers. Evidently he likes to tear and shred things in his enclosure. Maybe he is just a “misunderstood teenager.”

Yun Zi’s little brother, Xiao Liwu, nicknamed “Mr Wu” did not appear on the day I visited. Xiao Liwu is fourteen months old.

NJ Sculpture, CA desert 221

Bai Yun seemed unconcerned about the daredevil climbing activities of Yun Zi. She munched on fresh bamboo (with her back to Yun Zi), then lumbered off to take a nap.

What a thrill to see these beautiful pandas. Even though we had to stand in a long line for a while in order to see them, it was worth it.
You can see the pandas yourself during daylight hours on live cam here: PandaCam

You can read the San Diego Zoo blog posts about pandas here: Giant Pandas

Check out these Panda cubs at the Atlanta Zoo: The First 100 Days of 2 Panda’s Lives (3 minute-time lapse). Pandas are no bigger than a finger and fur-less when they are born, but within twenty-five days they gain weight and develop a full coat of their trademark white fur with black markings.

The Last Meow

Photo credit: fashionistabarbieukdotcom

Photo credit: fashionistabarbieukdotcom

Hey, Missy Jan, what about me? I have white fur with black spots, and I can climb a tree, too. But please, keep it a secret. I don’t want all those crowds lining up to see me. They can just look at my picture. That’s good enough for them. Besides, I keep busy with my eat-play-sleep schedule, and I don’t have time to deal with gawkers. Of course, if they bring me treats, that’s another story! I’d be happy to entertain them in that case.

Meow for now.  =<^;^>=


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6 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 7. Look Up, Look Down: Pandas!

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  2. LOL! Your Last Meow comment was funny and oh so typical of an attention seeking kitty. My tuxedo kitty would probably say the same thing. But come on, PANDAS! They’re so cute! I’m sure kitty was eventually just fine with you going out to see the cute pandas and then sharing them on the blog. I enjoyed it. =)

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