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B & W Photo Challenge: Texture Mystery Solution

In this week’s B & W Photo Challenge, I posted this Texture Mystery Picture and asked if viewers could identify it.

Photo credit: Janice Heck

Photo credit: Janice Heck

Here is the full picture. Does this give you a better idea? And look: more textures to consider.

Photo credit: Janice Heck

Photo credit: Janice Heck  Bet She’An National Park, Israel

The mystery picture is a close-up of a what? cart? contraption? device?  Whatever you call it, it moves a heavy piece of quarried stone to the work site. The stone in this picture serves as the axle. The axle sits in a boxed cut-out in each wheel.   Layers of wood (and textures) form the wheels which you can see more clearly in the close-up picture. The square brace looks like both a handlebar for pushing and/or pulling and as a brake when the bottom brace hits the ground. The stone could be a paver for a Roman road or a building block for a temple, amphitheater, or palace.

Bet She'An  Photo credit: Janice Heck

Bet She’An   Colonnaded street leading to archaeological mound (tel).      Photo credit: Janice Heck

Bet She’An National Park is twenty miles south of the Sea of Galilee in the Lower Jordan Valley, Israel.

How did people in early civilizations build the pyramids? How did they build those incredible ancient cities? How did they build the roads that you see in so many historical cities in Greece, Rome, and the Middle East? Look at the number of paving blocks in this street. Imagine how many workers and carts it took to build this road and the bulkhead, the sidewalk, and columns.

Here’s one fascinating modern theory on how workers moved heavy stones and pillars in past ages before modern machinery: Man Moves Huge Blocks!

The Last Meow

Fascinating theory about how workers moved these heavy stones and pillars, but can I please take my nap now?

Photo credit: jaunted.com

Photo credit: jaunted.com

Meow for now.  =<^;^>=

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