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B & W Photo Challenge: Texture Mystery…What is This?

Every Tuesday, Sonel at Sonel’s Corner posts a new theme for the black-and-white-photo challenge.

This week’s challenge is: Texture: the appearance or feel of the surface of any kind of material.

How many textures can you see in this photo?

Photo credit: Janice Heck

Photo credit: Janice Heck

Can you guess what this is? (I’ll give you the answer tomorrow.)

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15 thoughts on “B & W Photo Challenge: Texture Mystery…What is This?

  1. Sonel on said:

    What a great selection for textures Janice! Great shot and thanks for taking part hon. Much appreciated. 😀 *hugs*

  2. 7 textures. Looks like a concrete pillar turned on its side.

  3. Jan,
    I’m guessing 10 texures, but I may be counting one or two twice.

  4. Thought it was a wheel …..for a while. No idea, so will have to wait.

  5. I think there are 8 🙂

    The wooden part looks like its part of something circular, like a table or a wheel.

  6. Hi Janice, great take on Sonel’s prompt for her B&W challenge … so many innate textures 🙂

    i would like you to thank you for your kindness at appreciating what i wrote for my first year in blogging … i am indeed touched, i hope you will visit again — April

    • Thank you, too, for your comments. And yes, I will visit again. I have your blog in my WPReader. I see that we have joined some of the same challenges….AtoZ and others. I love it when I see people meeting a milestone in their writing. That’s encouraging to all of us. It tells us all to keep on writin’. I am at 18 months myself. Take care.

      • although i was not there on your first to cheer you on, i will be there to greet you on your second in March, am i right? sorry, i am such a loser with numbers 😉

  7. March is right, after a feeble start in January 2012. I’ll celebrate the March “finally got it going” date.

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