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Black and White Photo Challenge: Upward at Jerash, Jordan

Every Tuesday, Sonel at Sonel’s Corner posts a new theme for the black-and-white-photo challenge.
The theme for July 30 is Upward.

Recently, I did a post on Petra, Jordan, and in the process I reviewed all of my photos from my Israel/Jordan trip in December of 2012. This picture from the ruins at Jerash, Jordan fits this upward theme.

Photo credit: Janice Heck

Temple of Zeus ruins in Jerash, Jordan. Photo credit: Janice Heck

Evidence of the vastness of the Roman Empire can be found throughout the Middle East, and a trip to Jerash confirms this.

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Po credit: textmetravel

Photo credit: textmetravel

The Last Meow

Ruins. Ruins. Ruins. That’s all she ever talks about. Hey, this is my home. There’s nothing wrong with it. I sorta like it. Now, let me be. I am on a mission to find a nice place to take my nap.

Meow for now.  =<^:^>= 

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7 thoughts on “Black and White Photo Challenge: Upward at Jerash, Jordan

  1. Sonel on said:

    Beautiful temple and entry Janice! Thanks for taking part and for sharing hon. Much appreciated. 😀 *hugs*

  2. Nice shot that, almost monocrome but not quite.

    • Weatherwise it was a funny day. Bright and sunny one minute, then dark, threatening clouds the next. The timing was just right on this photo. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.

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