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Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge: Family- “Sisters”

To read more about this weekly challenge click here:

Black-and-white photo challenge.

FAMILY in real old-time black and white.


My Mom and Her Sisters (circa 1930). My Mom is on the far right in the back row.

Mom and her sisters  1930 maybe

My sisters and me…(I am the littlest one in front row.)

6 sisters-2

The saddest thing about family pictures is that family groupings change.  If we were to take this last grouping today, there would only be four sisters in the picture.

Got Fish? Get Some on the Kenai River, Alaska-Style

It’s cold, wet, and messy, but somebody’s gotta do it.

Intrepid Alaskans go dipnetting at the mouth of the Kenai River, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, for their allocation of personal use sockeye salmon.

Loren Holmes photo

Loren Holmes photo www.alaskadispatch.com

A record-breaking sonar count of 246,396 on July, 2013, set the crowds in a frenzy. Eager to fill their freezers with enough sockeye salmon for the long winter, these slightly wacky ambitious fisherpersons (Alaska residents only) rise in the early hours of the day to get their share between the mandated hours of 6am and 11pm.

Photo: Loren Holmes www.alaskadispatch.com

Photo: Loren Holmes http://www.alaskadispatch.com

But its shoulder-to-shoulder, cooler-to-cooler, dipnet-to-dipnet, along the banks of the Kenai to catch the fish. With record counts of sockeye coming in, there’ s plenty for everyone. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game site reports that 526,992 sockeye salmon were caught in 2012 in the Kenai River as well as a few other sites, with plenty more left for the bears. The sockeye salmon season typically runs for a few weeks. This year the dates are July 10 through July 31.

Loren Holmes photo

Loren Holmes photo

Life for non-fishing locals gets a bit tougher though. Here’s a comment my friend, Trena, posted on Facebook.

This is July on the Kenai when the red salmon are running up river.  It is so crazy here –  every road, every store and parking lot, all the boat launches all full of people, boats, motorhomes, etc.  Good news is the golf courses are empty. Great time for golfing.  Just have to allow extra time to get there.

The following slide show gives a brief glimpse into the frenzy of the sockeye fishing season: Dipnetting Kenai River’s Red Salmon Rodeo.

I lived in Alaska for ten years a few miles from the Kenai River, and although I never got involved in dipnetting myself, I did enjoy the results of other people’s fishing success.

Here is a previous I wrote post on Alaska:

Two Oceans Meet in the Gulf of Alaska. Not!

The Last Meow

I just have one question:

Cartoon credit: www.telegraph.co.uk.

Meow for now.    =<^!^>=

Zoomorphism Returns: Lucy the Elephant Turns 132-Years-Old

I had fun finding buildings shaped like cats in an earlier post, now here’s a building shaped like an elephant just twenty miles away from my home.   (Zoomorphism: buildings shaped like animals.)

Lucy the Elephant, Margate, New Jersey


Here’s the party invitation complete with music.

Lucy even had her toes done for this special event, and so did the lucky Lucy staff.

Here’s a little Lucy history . . . with a surprise at the end!

Lucy the Elephant

Lucy the Elephant has weathered some storms in her time, but the last one, Superstorm Sandy in 2012, was a stand-off. Lucy stood her ground, and although her toes got wet and some neighboring homes and businesses suffered damage, Lucy survived. Here’s a news report about Lucy and Sandy: Lucy the Elephant Survived Sandy.

Now you can buy a Lucy T-shirt that says:

Lucy the elephant t shirt

You can find Lucy the Elephant on Facebook at Lucy the Elephant. Go and “like” her.

See also www.LucytheElephant.org

cat birthday imageThe Last Meow.

Lucy is how old? Oh my. And where’s my t-shirt? And why can’t I have pretty painted toe nails like Lucy? And when is my birthday? And how are you going to celebrate it? Let’s get back to the important stuff!

Meow for now. =<^!^>=

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh as in “Jersey Fresh”

Daily Post: WordPress.com: Weekly Photo Challenge, July 19, 2013. Theme:  “Fresh”

Fresh flowers from the yard . . .028

Fresh vegetables from the garden . . .


Fresh roasted tomatoes with basil and parsley . . .


Fresh blueberries from the farm . . .


Hot blueberry tart fresh from the oven . . .

Easy-Peasey Blueberry Tart

Easy-Peasey Blueberry Tart

Jersey Fresh produce . . .


Dinner will be ready soon!

A Little Catertainment (and Pink Panther) for #WANAfriday

Today is WANAfriday, featuring humorous, ridiculous, or scandalous views of life in general, or in this case, cats in particular.

Everybody loves cats on Internet, and there is a plethora of videos to make anyone and everyone smile. (Admit it, even Grumpy Cat makes you smile!)

Here’s one from Life With Cats, entitled “Rescued and Lovin’ It.”

This video, submitted to PurinaFriskies for a contest, features Savannah, White-E, Lillie, Freeway, Jo-Jo, Bart, Ozzy, T.S., Bushy, and Be-Be, in a designer cat park, complete with tree houses, swinging cat ramps, hammocks, spiral staircase, trees, and lots of grass. What an exciting playground for these formerly homeless kitties

The video is one of many submissions to the PurinaFriskies open call for videos from the public for its “Friskies” awards contest. Voting begins August 6.

Music, “Pink Panther,” arrangement by Charlie Tokarz.

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cats FridayThe Last Meow

Yes, it’s Friday, and things do seem to get a little weird around here on Friday. Maybe it is because of anticipation for Caterday.

Meow for now. =<^0^>=

A Cat’s Work Is Never Done

Add babysitting to the long list of kitty cat duties.

Video: A Cat Comforts Baby

And My Cat picThe Last Meow

Of course, we have many jobs. But our primary job is: Being Cute.

Here’s proof of that in the

10 Best Cat Videos of All Time.

Meow for Now. =<^:^>=

Hostas, Lillies, and Little Robbers

I do not have a fantastic green thumb, but I have been lucky with two kinds of plants: hostas (plantain lilies) and lilies.

My sister, Beverley, gave me some hosta plants from her yard a few years ago, and I diligently planted them in the flower beds around my house. I have since purchased several other varieties of hostas and planted them in the backyard flower beds. Two of these varieties of hostas have grown into huge mounds of greenery, so big they beg to be divided. (Next year, little darlings! Be patient.) (For more on hostas, click here and here.)

I offered some hosta plants to my friends, Ron and Joyce, my only condition being, “You have to dig them up yourself.”

Hosta plants before the attack.

Hosta plants before the attack.

Ron digs his clump of hostas.

Ron digs his clump of hosta.

That strategy worked on one batch of hostas, but I have at least six more huge mounds. When I mention the word “hosta” amidst my group of friends, their eyes glaze over, and they suddenly have other things to do. I guess that means they don’t want any.

My lilies, some of which came from my sister, Joyce, have also grown in prolific bunches. They are beautiful, and I hate the thought of digging them up and talking my friends into taking these work-makers. I will just plant them in my back garden where they will have more room to take over grow. That’s a lot of work, and I am not quite ready to take that project on either.





Along with these flowering delights come rascally little critters. On a bad good day, we might see three or four gray squirrels, two red squirrel, four or five chipmunks, and a variety of colorful birds.  The squirrels and chipmunks have developed some rather nasty, sneaky a habit of climbing up the bird feeder poles, latching on to the feeders, and plundering the goodies.

To prevent this sort of thievery, we purchased one of those nifty bird feeders whose outside cage covering slides down and blocks the seed openings when a squirrel climbs on it. However, these crafty little brats birdseed biters have learned to stretch out on the arm of the pole and lean down from above to have their snack upside down. Mission accomplished.

These little thieves critters love to play games with us. When we open the door and step out on the patio, the gray squirrels jump to the oak trees and move around to the back so we can’t see them. Then they wait until we go back into the house before resuming their furtive filching. The chipmunks stuff their cheeks then freeze in place, pretending they are part of the ground cover. Cute little stinkers!

I love my flowers, partly because they came from my sisters’ gardens, but also because I love their beauty and glorious colors.  But I have to admit that I also love these little birdseed pilfering cutie pies, even though the cost of their bad habits exceed the cost of a good dinner out.

Birdseed has now become a line item in our monthly budget. And, of course, only the more expensive black, oiled sunflower seeds will do for these guys. That’s their favorite. (They leave the thistle alone.)  Oh well, these little critters do provide free entertainment. What else can I say?

The Last Meow

Well, we can say something. This is not funny. Not funny at all. That puny rapscallion would make one tasty meal. And here we are, locked up inside the house. Not funny. Not funny at all.

cats- chipmunks  dailyflicksandpicks. com

Meow for now.     =<^;^>=

Exquisite Sunset by Cassandra Heck

No words needed for this picture!

Photo by Cassandra Heck Lake Fred at Stockton College, Galloway, NJ

Photo by Cassandra Heck
Lake Fred at Stockton College, Galloway, NJ

More Saturday Silliness: The Cup Song and Singing Cats

Photo Credit: Tumblr

Photo Credit: Tumblr

My eight-year-old great-niece tried to teach me “The Cup Song” rhythm pattern and song. Alas, it is a bit tricky for this AARP card holder. This group in the video does it as an awesome foursome. Outstanding.

Sam, Mee, Tina, and Alex of Perfect Pitch performing “Cups”

Here’s the orignal version sung by Anna Kendrick in the Pitch Perfect film soundtrack, 2012. Beca (Anna Kendrick) freshman at Barden University, auditions for The Bellas, an all-girls a cappela singing group in the movie, “Pitch Perfect.”

Now look at how the kids do it.

Jennifer, Nadia, and Cameron sing “Some Nights” using the cup song rhythm.

Now, here’ a cup song tutorial. Have fun. Maybe you can learn to be as good as these kids. Then you can impress your own children and grandchildren.

The Last MeowCAt yawn

Hey, we can sing, too. Check this out. “Singing Cats” made for Danish TV by Joaquim Nielson. Enjoy.

Okay, now I’m exhausted.  Yawn. Time for a nap.

Meow for now. =<^,^>=

And here’s an added bonus: “A Comprehensive History of the Cup Song”:   http://www.vulture.com/2013/08/comprehensive-history-of-the-cups-phenomenon.html

Saturday Silliness: Cat-a-Log of Cat-vertizments

I know. I am soooo cute.

I know. I am soooo cute.

It’s been a gloomy, rainy day, so it’s time for a little silliness. Check out these cute cat-vertisements.

1. Hungry? Tasty Vita-bites or Hot Shot Mouse. What’s Your Pick?

2. Cowboys herding cats?   Is That Even Possible? (Only if the cats happen to be going your way!)

3. Are there ever too many cats? Well, maybe. Here’s how you can help.

4. Cat-vertiser Agency. Really. Yes, spouting a truth we all have come to realize: Cats Rule!

The Last Meow

(All of this notoriety fame is going to their heads. Look at how silly they get when you give them a little attention. Show-offs!)

We is famous! We is famous. Let's party!

We is famous! We is famous. Let’s party!

And now we can nap! Yippee!

weekend cat

Meow for now.  =<^$^>=

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