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Got Fish? Traffic Jam on the Kenai River, Alaska

Hungry, but self-sufficient, Alaskans plan ahead for the long, cold winter. They fish for salmon and halibut in the summer and hunt for moose in the fall. Everything they harvest for personal use goes in the freezer to be enjoyed when the temperatures fall below zero and the snow piles high in yards and on roads.

The fishing and hunting seasons requires fortitude, stamina, patience, determination, and above all, a sense of humor.

If you go salmon fishing, prepare for the crowds. Eager fisherpersons line the shores of the Kenai river “shoulder-to-shoulder, cooler-to-cooler, and dipnet-to-dipnet.” And when you dipnet, prepare for surprises.

Photo Credit: Pinkboi Wilbert KTUU Photo Gallery

Photo Credit: Pinkboi Wilbert KTUU Photo Gallery “High tide and big waves can’t stop this guy from dipnetting.”

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Got Fish? Get Some on The Kenai River, Alaska-Style
Got Fish? It’s the Bears’ Turn (If A Cat Isn’t Around!)

Fishing from shore on the Kenai River is bad enough, but put those eager fisherpersons in boats and watch out for a Traffic Jam, Alaska-Style.

Photo cre: Picture of the Day-KTUU Photo Gallery. Photo by Sarah Evans

Photo credit: Picture of the Day-KTUU Photo Gallery. Photo by Sarah Evans

See more Alaska pictures in the KTUU.com Photo Gallery: KTUU: Picture of the Day.

The Last Meow.

Now wait. Just. One. Tiddly. Minute.

You get all those fat fish, and all you give me are these two stinkin’ mini-dudes?

Something is not right here. You had better get your priorities straight. Right now.

I want that nice, fat, juicy sockeye salmon over there next to that hot grill.


Meow for Now. =<^;^>=

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