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Hostas, Lillies, and Little Robbers

I do not have a fantastic green thumb, but I have been lucky with two kinds of plants: hostas (plantain lilies) and lilies.

My sister, Beverley, gave me some hosta plants from her yard a few years ago, and I diligently planted them in the flower beds around my house. I have since purchased several other varieties of hostas and planted them in the backyard flower beds. Two of these varieties of hostas have grown into huge mounds of greenery, so big they beg to be divided. (Next year, little darlings! Be patient.) (For more on hostas, click here and here.)

I offered some hosta plants to my friends, Ron and Joyce, my only condition being, “You have to dig them up yourself.”

Hosta plants before the attack.

Hosta plants before the attack.

Ron digs his clump of hostas.

Ron digs his clump of hosta.

That strategy worked on one batch of hostas, but I have at least six more huge mounds. When I mention the word “hosta” amidst my group of friends, their eyes glaze over, and they suddenly have other things to do. I guess that means they don’t want any.

My lilies, some of which came from my sister, Joyce, have also grown in prolific bunches. They are beautiful, and I hate the thought of digging them up and talking my friends into taking these work-makers. I will just plant them in my back garden where they will have more room to take over grow. That’s a lot of work, and I am not quite ready to take that project on either.





Along with these flowering delights come rascally little critters. On a bad good day, we might see three or four gray squirrels, two red squirrel, four or five chipmunks, and a variety of colorful birds.  The squirrels and chipmunks have developed some rather nasty, sneaky a habit of climbing up the bird feeder poles, latching on to the feeders, and plundering the goodies.

To prevent this sort of thievery, we purchased one of those nifty bird feeders whose outside cage covering slides down and blocks the seed openings when a squirrel climbs on it. However, these crafty little brats birdseed biters have learned to stretch out on the arm of the pole and lean down from above to have their snack upside down. Mission accomplished.

These little thieves critters love to play games with us. When we open the door and step out on the patio, the gray squirrels jump to the oak trees and move around to the back so we can’t see them. Then they wait until we go back into the house before resuming their furtive filching. The chipmunks stuff their cheeks then freeze in place, pretending they are part of the ground cover. Cute little stinkers!

I love my flowers, partly because they came from my sisters’ gardens, but also because I love their beauty and glorious colors.  But I have to admit that I also love these little birdseed pilfering cutie pies, even though the cost of their bad habits exceed the cost of a good dinner out.

Birdseed has now become a line item in our monthly budget. And, of course, only the more expensive black, oiled sunflower seeds will do for these guys. That’s their favorite. (They leave the thistle alone.)  Oh well, these little critters do provide free entertainment. What else can I say?

The Last Meow

Well, we can say something. This is not funny. Not funny at all. That puny rapscallion would make one tasty meal. And here we are, locked up inside the house. Not funny. Not funny at all.

cats- chipmunks  dailyflicksandpicks. com

Meow for now.     =<^;^>=

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2 thoughts on “Hostas, Lillies, and Little Robbers

  1. The pictures were nice, but the commentary was a hoot! I think brats is a perfect term for those thieving varmints. I did think that chipmunk statute was great.


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