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Auntie Rant Rant

BlogEverday[1]Blog Every Day in May. Prompt 22: Rant about something. . .

Rants. Do they really work?

When I see rants on WordPress, Blogger, Facebook, or other social media, I slide right on over them. (Well, I should say, with the exception of my fellow writers in the Blog Every Day in May Challenge which has mandated that we rant today. I am reading those!)

Looking askance at those other non-BEDM ranters, I tell them judgmentally to get a life, before I move right on to something else. Life is hard enough without others superimposing on me their negative diatribes of problems that are outside my realm of control.

People rant about a lot of things: traffic, social media, drivers who text, cold food in restaurants, long waits in restaurants, political issues, social issues, financial issues, long blog posts, hot rooms, cold rooms, late airplanes, slow elevators, ads attached to YouTube videos, vacuum cleaners that don’t work correctly. . . . The list could go on forever. There’s always something in life that irritates.


I must admit to loving grammar rants. I love to pick them apart and find their errors (stop looking for errors here, please). The errors can always be found. They rant in haste and err in haste. And in the end, what does the rant accomplish. Nothing.

Let’s all be grateful for what we have. I am thankful that the majority of bloggers I follow are generally non-ranters, but even so, their REQUIRED rants in the BEDM have made me chuckle. They are so true!

(Ha. Spell Check wants me to change non-ranters to non-renters! It didn’t like non-BEDM as an adjective, and oh, by the way, it didn’t tell me I had the wrong “auntie” in the title. Oh well, Spell Check is not perfect. And look how many ways you can write Spell Check: Spellcheck, spellcheck, spell-check, spell check, spell checker, and more. Would you call that an identity crisis? (YouTube has this same identify crisis!)

The Last Meow.

If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a million times: You can call me anything you want, but don’t call me late for dinner!


Meow for now.  ={^;^}=

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3 thoughts on “Auntie Rant Rant

  1. Don’t you hate it when spell check can’t identify your word!

  2. It gives me a chuckle. We are smarter than spell check! But I must admit, it is helpful at times. SC saves a little proofreading time.

  3. ninamholland on said:

    I think rants are (periodically) good for you. Get whatever it is off your chest- but then move on!


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