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For Sale: One Aspiring Writer

BlogEverday[1]Blog Every Day in May, Prompt 11. Sell yourself in 10 words or less. (long version)


Oh, I guess I shouldn’t take that question literally.

I thought I would put my husband, My-Heck-of-A-Guy (MyHOG), on the spot and ask him to identify my best qualities. That makes good breakfast conversation, don’t you think?

His first answer did not win any stars in my book: “Gee, I’m drawing a mental blank here. Give me a few minutes to think.”

I set out the Big Boggle three-minute timer and turned it over. That added only a puny bit of pressure to his perplexing problem.

Ummm. Sweet.   Ummm. Caring.    Ummm. Intelligent.    Ummm. pretty.   Ummm. Sociable.

These first five were awful slow in coming. I turned the Big Boggle timer again.

He counted the first five qualities on his one hand, then looked at his other hand and calculated how many more he needed. The pressure was building. Five words in three minutes? Wow. Tough task.

Affectionate.   Compassionate.  Strong faith.  Inquisitive.

One more finger to go.

Full of zest. Done.  Oh, one more? Eleven? Bonus!

You sing with golden, dulcet, melodious tones in the choir.

Okay, so he is tone-deaf. It doesn’t matter. I’ll take any compliment, even if it sounds like a bit of philandering purple prose.

He breathed a deep sigh of relief and went back to his newspaper, thinking he was off the hook.

I don’t know. I had to turn the Big Boggle timer three times to get his full answer. Maybe he’ll have to take me out to dinner to soothe my wounded feelings. Ya think?

The Last Meow.

Hey, who is this guy impersonating me, The Great Catsby? He has some nerve.


Check out these other twelve fantastic cat impersonators.  (Imposters!) They’re all there: Nick Cataway, Daisy and Tom Bucatahan, J. Cat Baker, Meyer Catsheim, Myrtle and George B. Wilcat, and even old Cat Eyes. As Zena Wozniak, the originator of this clever report says, “Nothing does coddled upper-class ennui better than cats.”

Meow for now. ={^;^}=

(You may want to check the short version of this post here: My Twitter Bio in Ten Words.)

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5 thoughts on “For Sale: One Aspiring Writer

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  2. Can imagine now your husband with his newspaper very well – he found good words in 3 minutes – fab men!

  3. “Philandering purple prose.” I am impressed. That’s a keeper!

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