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Advice from The Hiking Trail (Blog Every Day in May Challenge)

BlogEverday[1]Post number 8 in the Story of My Life: Blog Every Day in May challenge posted by Jenni at Story of My Life. See list of prompts for the month of May here and here.

Advice from The Hiking Trail

Photos taken at Pinnacle Peak in Scottsdale, Arizona by Jonathan Thorpe and used with his permission.

When things get tough, and you feel sad or overwhelmed, look up at your challenge, and say, “I can do this!”

jonathan peak....

Just take one step at a time. A few steps, and you will be on your way again. Don’t give up.

steps at pINNACLE...az jONATHAN tHORPE

If the path is rocky and rough, take your time, place your steps carefully, but keep on walking. If roadblocks get in your way, find a way around them or go over them.

jonathan...rocky path

Be a leader, and others will follow even when things get hot. Look back every once in a while to see how far you’ve come.

jonathan on trail....

If the way seems steep, find some shade, take a rest, drink some water, then start again.


If danger stands in your way, find a way around it, then move on.

Jonathan - snake on trail

If long shadows cross your path, turn and look for a brighter path.

jonathan 2

Stop and admire your surroundings but keep heading towards your goal.

Jonathan--spring on trail

Be mindful of your environment and take care of it.


Make sure you find good and loyal support team members, and they will walk with you through good times and trying times.jonathan and Rachel

Your goal is just ahead. Keep striving for it. Persistence and determination are the keys. You can do it.


See, you did it. Now reward yourself for your accomplishments.

jonathan sunset

All photos used with Jonathan Thorpe’s permission. (My son-in-law!)

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2 thoughts on “Advice from The Hiking Trail (Blog Every Day in May Challenge)

  1. Wonderful! Thanks, Janice, for reminding me even when problems seem huge they can be conquered with persistance and patience. 🙂

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