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A Cat, A Crab, and a Sunny Day (Blog Every Day in May Challenge)

DBlogEverday[1]ay 9. Prompt: A moment in your day

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! I walk outside for my moment, and I want to sing the song made famous by Mr. Rogers. You can listen to it here.  It brings back lots of memories.

This kind of day I call, “The Cat’s Meow.” It couldn’t be more perfect. Here’s one of my little friends soaking up the sun.


After weeks of cool and rainy weather, we are excited to have this perfectly lovely sunny day.

Further good news is that our local crustacean clairvoyant, hermit crab Mr. Martin Z. Mollusk, saw his shadow on the beach, Thursday, May 2. This means that summer will arrive one week early in that slightly wonky beach town, Ocean City, NJ.

Illustration credit: eaglestaleonline.com

Illustration credit: eaglestaleonline.com

Don’t laugh. This is a big deal. The Ocean City Sentinel did a half-page, six-column, six-captioned-photo article on this annual event. (The newsroom was a little slow last week.)

The Ocean City High School Band came out and played “Pomp and Circumstance,” while a whole host of critters and creatures (Shelly the Mermaid, Dr. Ernest Frankestein, Mr. Trash Buster, Mama Llama, Nurse Perfect, and others) paraded down the beach to the shadow-checking ceremony. You can peek at the whole crabby ceremony here.

Photo credit: David Nahan, Ocean City Sentinel

Photo credit: David Nahan, Ocean City Sentinel

Listen, when you live in a small, coastal town in Southern New Jersey, you do anything you can to lighten things up after a dreary winter. And why predict the weather in the coldest part of the winter like that Pennsylvania Puxtapuny groundhog guy (or whatever his name is).  By the way,  the word “winter” is not in the Ocean City Chamber of Commerce vocabulary bank. They say that summer unofficially arrives on January 1. But what do they know? I think they are just in denial.

This Martin Z. Mollusk shadow-checking ceremony is all serious business. Dr. Frankenstein took great care to determine Martin’s fitness for beach duty and declared that Martin was healthy and free of illegal sea-roids.

Photo credit. nbc40.net

Photo credit. nbc40.net

Now, seriously, don’t you want to visit Ocean City, NJ and take part in these shenanigans history-making events?

And don’t forget. In early August every year, you can participate in the Miss Crustacean Hermit Crab Pageant. Rumor has it that a representative of the Krabdashian family attended the bash last year. A big feature of this annual pageant is the Hermit Crab King of Klutz Race.  Better make your reservations now for this event.  Well, I bet it will even rival the Miss American Pageant when it returns home to Atlantic City this September.

Photo credit: Travel Times Magazine

Photo credit: Travel Times Magazine

The Last Meow

Oh, so what’s the big deal over there on the beach?
A hermit crab that predicts an early summer?
Give me a break. I coulda told ya that.
I have supernatural powers, too, ya know.

Meow for now.  =(^;^)=

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4 thoughts on “A Cat, A Crab, and a Sunny Day (Blog Every Day in May Challenge)

  1. After a couple of weeks of warmer, sunnier spring weather the cold, windy, rainy type has returned to Oxfordshire so I needed something to make me laugh this morning; your account of Ocean City’s weather forecasting crab did the trick!

  2. Laugh out loud fun! Janice, you gave me smile after smile. I love your writing style.

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