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Blog Every Day in May, May 6: What Do You Do?


Blog Every Day in May Challenge. May 6. Prompt: If you couldn’t answer with your job, how would you answer the question, “What do you do?”


When you retire, you can BE!

We wonder a lot where our time goes now that we are retired. We also wonder how we got everything done when we did work. Time just disappears. At any rate, here’s a brief summary of what I do, and what I am at this point in my life.

A wife. In 2004, I married a man I had dated more than forty years ago. (My first husband passed away from cancer in 2000.) Now this man is my partner, my sounding board, my editor (picky, picky, picky), and my best friend.

A granny. I have six daughters and thirteen grandchildren: Winston, Dean, Jackie, Gabbie, Donovan, Pauley, Evan, Eric, Isabelle, Madelynn, Tristen, Sarah, Kaylee. Sadly, they live in other parts of the country, and I don’t get to see them very often.

A caretaker. My older sister and brother both need assistance, so with my sister, Beverley, we give what help we can. We provide transportation to doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores, banks, and so forth. (I am the youngest living child out of an original nine siblings in my family; Beverley is the middle child out of nine.)

My brother, Adam, 79, is blind and still lives independently. This amazing man has been skiing and mountain climbing with Ski for Light, an organization that assists blind and handicapped persons to engage in outdoor activities that would normally be off limits to them. You can read about Adam and Ski for Light here: B is for Big Brother’s Bits about Being Blind   (A to Z, 2012)

Adam cross-country skiing with Ski for Light buddies

Adam cross-country skiing with Ski for Light buddies

My eldest sister, Joanne, 81, had a series of small strokes, then later a larger one. I found her after the larger stroke. She didn’t answer her phone, and I went to check on her and found her sitting in her recliner, half of her body paralyzed, the other half very weak. Now over a year later, she is stable and living in a nursing home. Because of the diabetic stroke, she lost blood flow to her left leg, and it had to be amputated. She has adjusted amazingly well to all of this, despite the complete loss of her independence. I wrote about Ms. Joanne in  F is for F.A.S.T.: Know the Signs of Stroke: It Can Become Personal in an Instant. (A to Z, 2013)

Ms. Joanne, Adam, and Gunner, the community dog, at Juniper Village

Ms. Joanne, Adam, and Gunner, the community dog, at Juniper Village

Between visits to doctors for Adam and Ms. Joanne, I occasionally visit doctors with my husband and visit my own doctors. It seems like I spend a lot of time in doctors’ waiting rooms. I guess that is something that comes along with your AARP card.

A singer. No, not a popular singer, just a Sunday singer. I am a member of the Margate Community Church in Margate, NJ, and I belong to the choir. My husband sings bass. I sing, well, I try to sing second soprano. I love the choir and enjoy singing and being with them. I wandered in one Sunday, and they let me stay.

A blogger. I have always loved writing, even when I was in elementary school.  I started blogging on a lark. My step-daughter suggested it one day, and I laughed. Me? Blog? What on earth for? Who would read what I had to say?  But the thought stayed in my mind, and lo and behold, I started blogging. And even more surprising to me, people seem to be reading what I write. Thanks to you all!

A traveler. Travel has always been a major interest. Ever since I first went to Europe on a student tour with my Gordon College professor, Dr. David Franz, I have loved travel, and especially historical travel. Most recently, I have been to Italy (Tuscany and Rome) and to Israel. When I worked in Hong Kong at Hong Kong International School, I traveled to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Japan, and the Philippines during vacation breaks. I regret missing Korea, but that is still on my bucket list.

Jan in Jerusalem with On The Horizon, HWL newsletter

Jan in Jerusalem with On The Horizon, HWL newsletter

An editor. Our 55+ community started a newsletter, On the Horizon (above) about eight years ago. I have been pulling that newsletter together for about seven of those years. Now it is a quarterly newsletter that ends up being between twelve and sixteen pages long. It keeps a good record of the goings-on in our community.

That’s pretty much sums what I do, and who I am at this point in my life.

I know. I am soooo cute.

I know. I am soooo cute.

Oh, one more thing.

A kitty lover. How could I forget that? Most of my posts have a kitty at the end.  Meow for now. =<^:^>=

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9 thoughts on “Blog Every Day in May, May 6: What Do You Do?

  1. My family is hoping to do a family reunion in Korea sometime in the future. A lot of the Adams side were missionaries in Korea, starting with my great-great grandfather who is still well-known on Presbyterian circles. He wrote the book on missionaries, which I believe is still used today.

  2. lanitaboyd on said:

    Very interesting, Jan, but you surely didn’t stay within the 250-word count! Lanita

    Lanita Bradley Boyd 859.441.4999 http://lanitaboyd.com/musings/

    Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

  3. It sounds as though your life is full and interesting.

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