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May Day around The World

daffodilsGood morning and welcome to May. The April 2013 A to Z Challenge to write 26 blog posts in the month of April is finished, and now we are free to write when the muse strikes.

Click here to read a pictorial article by Julie Fishman that summarizes the history of May Day, a day remembered since the Middle Ages.

May Day..B oston Glove, Getty Images

May Pole Dance, Photo Boston Globe, via Getty Images.

Originally a day to officially welcome spring, now it joined by International Workers’ Day (corresponds to Labor Day in the United States).

May day worker Jupiter Images-ThinkStock

Worker, Photo by Jupiter Images/Thinkstock.


“April showers bring May flowers.”

Can you remember when you learned that little rhyme?

The Last Meow

Sometimes yur buddies find a good place for a nap and you just have to join them.

Sometimes yur buddies find a good place for a nap and you just have to join them.

Even the kitties love this day!  Flower pots make a good place for a nice nap. Meow for Now. = <^;^>=

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8 thoughts on “May Day around The World

  1. Happy May Day to you! Congratulations for being a SURVIVOR of the A-Z! 🙂

  2. That photo of the kittens is the cutest thing I’ve seen today! Adorable.

  3. Funny, after A to Z Challenge I still feel like writing a blog. But, I’ll enjoy our big spring snowstorm instead and wait for my muse to show up. Lovely photos, btw.

    • You might like the Blog Every Day in May challenge. It just started, and the posts are brief responses to a given prompt. I have the link posted in today’s post. May 3.

  4. K.Jacqleene on said:

    For six years, from first to sixth grade, me, my classmates, and teachers celebrated May day in the early to mid 70’s. Each May Day we would go outside and decorate the flagpole as shown in the picture above. At the time I really didn’t understand the meaning behind the celebration. All me and friends cared about was that we were outside on a nice day instead of being inside doing school work! I’m not sure but I don’t think the schools do this celebration anymore.

  5. I am not sure about regular schools, but I worked for a few years (part time basis, one or two days a week after I officially retired) at a drug and alcohol rehab program for adolescents. We did the May Pole thing there. The kids loved it, but as you say, it was probably because they got to go outside on a nice day.

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