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L is for List of A to Z Challenge Posts, 2013, by Janice Heck

Update of April 2013 A to Z Challenge posts.

Janice Hall Heck

a-to-z-letters-2013This is a round-up of my posts in the 2013 A to Z Challenge (in progress). At this date, April 14, we are almost halfway to the finish line. At the end, all 26 posts will be listed here.

Updated May 1, 2013 at completion of A to Z Challenge.

Week 1
A is for Adjectives, Anteaters, Armadillos, and Aardvarks 2013/4/1
B is for Blogging Bliss, Boohoos, and Booyahs  2013/4/2
C is for Complements and Compliments. So what. Who Cares?  2013/4/3
D is for Direct Object or Happy Birthday  2013/4/4
E is for Eats, Shoots and Leave: Punctuation matters  2013/4/5
F is for F.A.S.T: Know the Signs of Stroke. It Can Become Personal in An Instant 2013/4/6

Week 2
G is for Great Gobs of Grammas’ Grammar Goodies and Goofs  2013/04/08
H is for Hyper-Hyphenated Words Make Surprising Adjectives 2013/4/9
I is for Invented Spelling of…

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4 thoughts on “L is for List of A to Z Challenge Posts, 2013, by Janice Heck

  1. So impressed you did this! CONGRATULATIONS

  2. Thanks so much, Judythe. It has been fun…and I plan to do it again next year. I work better with challenges and timeslines and deadlines, so the A to Z fills the bill for me. And tomorrow I hit Post 100. Never thought I would make it.

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