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M is for Mentions and Mash-Ups

Judythe Morgan honored me by pegging my blog with the Liebster Blog Award. Thanks again, Judythe.

If a person receives the Liebster Award, that person needs to identify five other persons whose blogs seem worthy of recognition. My last blog post gave a bit of background on the Liebster Award. You can read that if you want to laugh become more informed.

This blog should really be P for Procrastination (in the A-to-Z Blog Challenge) because I have procrastinated for more than two three four days on this post. But P is scheduled for May 18, and I have several other topics already stewing on the back burner for that letter. Besides, I’m not sure I could finish a post on procrastination by Wednesday. Maybe next month.

I am also wondering if I should delay my M post until Monday morning.  (Ha, too late for that now-it’s here already.) That would add two more Ms to the title. But, no, that would be too ridiculous much alliteration. Besides, I have not one, but two posts for M. Which one should I run? Or maybe I should do a double M. But enough of that.

Keep in mind that the purpose of the Liebster Award is to encourage bloggers to visit each other and make connections. Generally I  follow blogs on travel, food, YA literature, nonfiction, cats, grammar, and anything else serendipitous (accidental but delightful discoveries).

You might say I am an eclectic person (well, some would call me random, but whatever). Let’s just say I have a lot of interests and can be easily distracted by any number of them at any given time. I like clever loglines (not like mine, but wait a bit, I am thinking on it) and unique blog design. Sometimes the design catches my attention, then I read the blog.

For my Liebster Award nominations, I decided to check into some of my competitors cohorts in the A-to-Z Blog Challenge. It seems that this particular A to Z Blog Challenge has distracted them us from other serious writing activities.  I found so many good blogs, that I could stretch this post out for a month. Maybe I’ll post Mentions and Mash-Ups on a regular basis. On Mondays?

Here are only a few A to Z Bloggers that I feel a connect with. I could easily list many more.

1. DGHudson-Rainforest Writing. Her log line says “Writing is an adventure into the unknown. Photography enhances the trip.”

Hudson’s theme for the A to Z Challenge is “Paris,” and she photographs and writes about art, film, people, places, food, and so forth. Travel is my middle name, so of course, I have to claim her as a favorite. And then she gets an extra bonus because she threw a cat into the mix with the G blog: “Gay Purree-A Feline Adventure in Paris” complete with an animated film clip voiced by Judy Garland.

Hudson’s post for M day was “M is for Montmartre,” a lovely photo essay. The photographs entice me to go back to Paris! Go check them out. By the way, in case you want to meet me in Paris, here’s the web address for Air France.  How about May? I hear it is lovely in Paris then.

2. Kittie Howard-Kittie’s Stories — with a Dash of Insight. The connect for me here is that Kittie grew up on a farm, but then as an adult, she traveled the world, living in Europe, Asia, MidEast, and Africa. I did the same-but I have only lived outside the continental US in Alaska, then Asia. Can a girl from a small farm town make it in the big world? Well, yes. Here are two of us.

Kittie’s theme for A to Z is “seasonings in the gumbo” of Louisiana. Her M post is “M is for Muffaletta.” (I told you I like food!) Picture a large, round, crusty load of bread stuffed with meat, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, olives (the most important ingredient). One muffaletta, a staple of New Orleans, can feed a small army.

For her “A” post, Kittie talked about her theme for the A to Z Challenge (Lousiana) with “A is for Alligators” as her first post. She included a recipe for Cajun Grilled Alligator Kabobs. Umm, no thanks, Kittie, I just finished dinner. Maybe next time.

3. Tawn Krakowski, totallytawn-the universe through my eyes. Tawn writes with humor, introspection, and perspective (her words). I just like her ‘tude and writing style. She’s filled with the “Aloha Spirit,” but she has lived all her life in Illinois. She has a “Zombie Love Story” in her repertoire. Gotta read that one.

Tawn writes the truth about morning in her M blog: “M is for Morning.” She starts out with this line, “Oh, Morning, why do you torment me so?” Yes, it’s just as though she reads my mind!  My husband finally brought my coffee (and 1/2 of a forbidden WAWA crumb coffee cake), so now things are better for me. I hope Tawn’s morning has improved, too.

4. Maryann Miller  writes commentary about life, writing, and the absurdities of the human condition in her blog, “it’s-not-all-gravy.” I found her “C is for Cats” on April 3rd, so I know she is a more-than-okay person.

Besides liking her blog title, her logline, and her post on cats, I like her list of thirteen (bad luck) mysteries tagged onto her “M is for Monarch” day. It seems that masses of monarchs migrate through Texas every year and stop to munch on milkweed. Maybe M should be for Monarch Month!

At any rate read Maryann’s blog. Today she is writing about nuts, the kind from trees, not the ones who write.

5.  Carole Ann Carr, The Adventures of a Children’s Author. Carole Ann, a Brit, has published four children’s books (historical fiction, fantasy, and a picture book). I love her whimsical, serendipity blog page design. And lookey here, she has a blue-green-tan striped cat on her whimsical border. Bonus points. Check out those teacups and checkerboard cupcakes. These spell FUN.

Her M post is “M for Mortal Madness,” a YA book review.  Valentine the Explorer brings a malignant piece of Old-Tech, known as Medusa, back to London with alarming consequences. Carole Ann gives this book a high rating.

Now, back to the Liebster Award. If these five nominees are so inclined, they may just add five more honorees to the Liebster Award list. This is a fun challenge, but sometimes it doesn’t fit into everyone’s schedule. So if it doesn’t fit, you Lucky Liebsters, feel free to pass until you have more time. It’s been really nice getting to know you and your writing.

Well, now just look at the time. It is Monday morning. I’ve got those two extra Ms in after all. Well, I’d better quit before I find more M words! Look for a second M post in a moment or two.  Or maybe later today.


Which bloggers do you connect with?  What is your personal connect with those bloggers? How much time do you spend looking at other blogs? What do you learn from other blogs?

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5 thoughts on “M is for Mentions and Mash-Ups

  1. A wonderful introduction to some interesting bloggers Janice. I’m looking forward to having a browse around. Thanks.

    • Thanks, Margaret, It is fun to read new blogs. I try to do a few new ones each day. Getting involved with the A to Z Blog Challenge has given me a whole new list to explore!

      • I wondered about that, too when I first heard about it. But the “pressure” of everyday was and still is beyond me. Good luck finishing.

  2. Nice to meet you, and I hope you’re enjoying the Challenge!

    A to Z Challenge Host

  3. Hello, Janice! Thanks for introducing these blogs. I put aside at least a half hour a day to visit my blog buddies, sometimes more depending on the day and what I have going on. I’ve definitely been making more time this month for the blogging challenge, though. There are a lot of amazing blogs to visit!

    Have a lovely week and happy A to Z!!

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