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A to Z: C is for Cat-A-Log of Cat Crimes against Writers

After I wrote about Simon’s Cat last week, I received pictures and comments from other humans about their cats’ various proclivities for dismay, disorder, and disaster. Here’s a quick mash-up.

My niece, Dawn, sent me a picture of her cat, Chloe, a budding computer technology specialist, contemplating the havoc she could conjure up with the wires at the back of the computer. Perhaps Chloe is in secret communicaton with Simon’s cat. (Remember him from a previous post? If not, see him in action below.) Maybe there is a conspiracy among cats to annoy humans ’til they get it right. Alas, humans are such slow learners.

I looked for Chloe’s cousin, Crash, on Facebook, but he does not have his own page! Can you imagine that? He’s not even on Twitter! Crash was just nonchalantly sleeping inside a box inside another box, totally oblivous to any cat emergencies in the world. No excitement there. With a name like Crash, you have to believe there would be many zany stories of his misadventures hanging out there in the blogosphere. Sooner or later, we’ll catch him at it. Maybe he’ll get his own special post. Maybe he’ll want to defend himself against this charge of apathetic malingering.

Sherry Isaac (http://sherryisaac.com/ ) has two cats, Lily and Tucker. Of course, they bug her when she is working on the computer. Lily is passive; she just sleeps on the keyboard so Sherry can’t type. But Tucker is a bit more aggressive. Recently, he attacked the ESC key and fiddled with it ’til it came off the keyboard. That should teach Sherry that tickling and cuddling a kitty are more productive than typing work-related documents.

Ellen Gregory (http://ellengregory.com ) claims that her Devilcat (that should give you a clue!), is much like Simon’s cat as seen in Cat-man-do (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBhQaLR-VCY).

Devilcat recently wrote her own post, Diary of a Devilcat: How to Be Helpful, giving advice to fellow felines (the slower-learners in the cat-boodle) on proper behavior for when humans tickle those computer keys instead of kitty ears, heads, chins, tummies, and backs. But, alas, will these humans ever learn?

Now I want you to notice one thing. Don’t you see the striking resemblance between Devilcat and Chloe? Chloe is a pretty innocent sounding name, but you can’t ignore this incontrovertible evidence. There is a definite connection between these two feisty felines. They are up to something, and you know it. We just have to to get organized and learn to beat them at their own game! We can’t give in to their persnickety, perspicacious impersonations.

But the real problem is not that cats are so intelligent, it is that they are in-training for even more cerebral growth. Kristen Lamb  (http://warriorwriters.wordpress.com ) reports that her highly intelligent cat is playing brain-games on her iPad (“The World’s Most Expensive Cat Toy,” as Kristen calls it). Who said the iPad was designed for humans. No Way. Wrong. *snort* *humph*

Well, here’s one cat that’s off the wavelength (a real slow learner!). Thanks to Don Bueltmann (http://blog.donaldbueltmann.com ) for sending this video my way. I think a fitting quote could be: “He who laughs last, laughs best”–but doggie, don’t count on it.

You. Will-l-l-l. PAY. For. This. Crime. Against. The. Cat. Coalition.


YOUR TURN: Do you have more evidence of this cat conspiracy to keep writers off-task and begging for mercy?

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15 thoughts on “A to Z: C is for Cat-A-Log of Cat Crimes against Writers

  1. My cat, Belle, looks a lot like Ellen’s Devilcat. She also sits with me to write except she wriggles in between me and the keyboard so my arms have to go around her and touch typing is the order of the day – I can’t see the keys.
    Fantastic post Janice, thanks.

    • Belle sounds like a cutie! Thanks for telling me about her. I can picture her on your lap!

    • EXACTLY what my cat Adidas does, maybe the heat off the laptop is what they like? It is sometimes really annoying to have to reach for the keyboard around a fat cat to keep working but, I have learned to take it as a sign of sort. I think he is really telling me to slow down and pay attention to him instead. I do spend too much time on the computer!

      • Yes – I think you’ve got the right interpretation there. Clearly cats know more about living in the moment than we do 🙂

  2. Good luck as you continue with the A to Z challenge. I am right there with you and have enjoyed it so far.

  3. Great C post. You are amazing Janice keeping up with this challenge.

    I loved the video. Exactly the thing my Toby would do. Only he’d blame is little brother Buster. You see Toby’s and Old English sheepdog and Buster’s a Maltese–about the size of a cat.

    Enjoy your post.

  4. Love it – And I spotted the similarities between Chloe and my Devilcat right away! One might almost think they were twins.

  5. Oh my! I had a cat that sat on my lap, and tap a tap tapped the keys, he wrote cat-a-gory stories, that had his mom in a fury, then lay back and purred in the glory!
    Then there was Emma, who caused a dilemma, when she chewed a power cord for supper! She got a ‘lectric shock, sent me all amock, when I could no longer twiddle my ‘puter…
    these aren’t the best rhymes, but I haven’t the time, to write all the crimes, my feline friends have committed!

    • Alison, I love these…especially the cat-a-gory stories. Hope they didn’t get too bloody. I’m a bit squeamish. These kitties sure can create havoc. Thanks for viiting my blog. Come back again. I do cat stories from time to time.

  6. writepam71 on said:

    Enjoying your A to Z posts, but being a cat lover this one caught my eye. I love hearing about the antics of other cats. Our Baxter is mostly Maine Coon and has all their lovable traits (and a few of his own quirks, just to keep us guessing!). Thanks, Janice!

  7. writepam71 on said:

    Enjoying all your A to Z posts, Janice. Being a cat lover, I was especially drawn to this one. Our Baxter is a black, mostly Maine Coon cat (with his own special quirks thrown in just to keep us guessing). His only problem? He doesn’t photograph well–all you can see are his eyes!

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