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A to Z Blog Challenge: A is for April Anthem

Writing challenges abound on Internet. Some of them make me chuckle; some I join. The Blogging from A to Z Challenge, April 2012, is right up my alley: I know my alphabet!

This challenge, the design of mastermind Arlee Bird (http://tossingitout.blogspot.com) asks writers to post on our blogs almost daily during April, taking only three Sundays off. That’s twenty-six days/posts, one for each letter of the alphabet. Some of the bloggers have themes like

These all sound like fun. I’ll watch the progress of these bloggers from my ringside seat. Maybe I’ll have some popcorn and Diet Coke while I read their posts.

The organizers of the A-Z Challenge thought they might get 1000 bloggers; at this point, 1762 bloggers have signed up with another day open for joining. Amazing. (I am number 1596!)

Ah, but the pressure is on. Will my blog posts have a theme? Will they be random? If I start out random, will a theme emerge? Will I blog for 26 days? Will my perfectionist tendencies bog me down? Will they laugh at me when I blog?

We’ll see. Here’s my first entry.

A is for April Anthem

April 1, 2012 is Palm Sunday in the Christian tradition, so I attended my church in Margate-by-the-Sea, NJ, where I am a member of a world-famous the choir composed of talented singers. While we do have a few professional-sounding voices in the choir, the rest of us sound more like, well, I’m at a loss for words….  Oh well, we do try our best. You have to give us credit for that. And once every three of four years or so, maybe five,  the church membership actually breaks down and claps for an unusually good performance. They have learned not to over-encourage us; after all, we might just want to sing two or three anthems on Sundays instead of our usual one. Then church time would extend over the precise one-hour time allotment, and the local restaurants would have to wait longer for our lunch-time arrival. Not a good idea.

At any rate, this morning, in good Palm Sunday manner, the MCC choir walked down the center church aisle in our salsa-red robes and salsa-red and white cowls with our fat music binders, palm fronds waving–a sight to see, believe me.

At the appointed time we sang “Ride On, Ride On in Majesty,” an anthem describing the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. We actually did a decent job of it.  No standing ovations, but whatever, and I won’t post the YouTube video of our performance. Sorry.

Ah, but next week, Easter Sunday, we will definitely sing two anthems, and church services may just last a few minutes more than the prescribed one hour. Our second anthem will be the “Hallujah Chorus.” Now that should get the membership off their feet!

Seriously, though, today begins Holy Week, the most important week of the year for Christians. We celebrate the life of Christ and remember the sacrifice He made for us. This sacrifice underscores our beliefs, actions,  habits, attitudes, values, and our lives.

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15 thoughts on “A to Z Blog Challenge: A is for April Anthem

  1. What a cool challenge, Janice!
    I would do this if there were a yearly version…hmmm…maybe I should start that! lol.
    Can’t wait to see what you do for B-Z!

  2. Laird, I hope I can finish this one…a blog post every day? For me, that’s a lot! Tomorrow: B is for Brothers

  3. Look forward to seeing what you come up with for the rest of the alphabet 🙂
    Waging Tales

  4. Sorry if I reply twice, WordPress doesn’t seem to like me. Look forward to the post on Brothers 🙂
    Waging Tales

  5. I really wish I could take part in this but am starting a 40 hr/wk temp position tomorrow that just won’t allow me time to blog daily. I’m looking forward to reading your entries and a little bummed that there’ll be no YouTube video of the “Hallujah Chorus.” That’s one of my favorites!

  6. What a fun blog challenge, I’m not going to be able to participate either. Already one blog challenge behind. Hope to get caught up on that and work furiously on getting my novel revisions to my editor.

    I will be stopping by to read your creative list. Promise. I can’t wait to see what you have to blog about brother.

    And, btw, that’s one handsome choir. I’ll bet the “Hallujah Chorus” will be wonderful. Resurrection Sunday is such a special service.

    • I hope this fun challenge remains fun! It is so easy to get behind, and I do have other projects lined up. Thanks for the compliments about choir. I’ll let them know….if they are still speaking to me! They are good sports, so it should be okay.

  7. Hey Aunt Jan!

    Seems to me that, given your personal chronology, B should be for Birthday (or have you stopped counting!?) Wish I had more time to write/read, but alas, twenty-four hours per blog is not enough for me.

    I do have time for a great suggestion for your blog when you get to R!!

    • Hey, Rob, How cool to meet you here. B is coming. Yes, I remember. Ken has birthday outing planned! And for R, let me guess!
      And I am not sure that 24 hrs is enough time to write a blog, although the ABC’s helps. We’ll see if I can make it through the month intact.

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